Thermosomes may also be a good candidate to enhance delivery of your compound

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Thermosome’s proprietary platform technology can be used for delivery of various active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) with its application sweet spot being localized diseases. While our own drug development focuses on locally-advanced solid tumors, our TSL technology can be applied in multiple indications and therapeutic areas far beyond oncology.

In various proof-of-concept formulation studies, we have encapsulated in our nanocarrier system various compounds, both hydrophilic and hydrophobic APIs, and thereby proven the broad applicability of our platform technology. Besides benefits of better local delivery, some clinical applications may additionally benefit from synergies of the application of mild (hyperthermic) heat at 40-42°C, which our system uses as an external trigger. While not yet fully understood by academia, the application of mild heat is supposed to cause several effects, such as blocking cell survival, inducing cellular stress responses, modulating immune responses, evading DNA repair, changing the tumor microenvironment and/or sensitizing cells to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. As an example, drugs in the field of immuno-oncology, which need a localized targeted delivery, may additionally benefit from these synergistic effects.